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Doisy and Dam

I Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say congrats on the new website and restructure of the company. As always I look forward to reading your Sunday weekly round ups and it seems like things are flying for you! I think you've not only got a fantastic business opportunity but also more importantly you're giving new food companies an amazing platform to market their products in a way that just doesn't exist otherwise, I hope that you continue to grow and shake up the industry – I can't think of a single distributor/wholesaler that couldn't learn a few lessons from the way you're going about your business.

I wish you the best of luck and I really hope sometime soon I'll finally get a free moment to come to one of your monthly meetings!!
Best, Richard -

Bim's Kitchen

We have worked with Marcus Carter, the founder of the Artisan Food Club, for a number of years as we have continued to grow our business. He is very passionate about supporting small food producers and uses his long and varied experience across the food industry to provide very useful advice and support.

The Artisan Food Club genuinely helps small artisan producers -new and more established- reach new markets. The Club is particularly good at introducing stores to fantastic new products that they just would not normally come across through normal distribution channels. This may seem hard to believe, but the team at the Club are just as passionate about the products they work with as the artisans who make them! The innovative central invoicing system makes using the Club very easy and efficient for producers and stores. Whether you are a small food producer or an independent shop owner, we would highly recommend that you give the services of the Artisan Food Club a try!

James "Bim" & Nicola Adedeji -

Hastings Ketchup - Lemon

An introduction to Marcus and the Food Club team came at the perfect time in our development as a small home-based business. Our network of local suppliers was doubled virtually overnight to include a myriad of quality delis, butchers and farm shops; retailers that we would have had no other feasible way of doing business with. Marcus and his team of highly skilled foodies work tirelessly to promote their portfolio of products. I have found the Food Club team to be friendly, passionate and professional and just as focused on the chasing of payments as they are at introducing producers to the ever growing network of high end food retailers.

Cheers Gavin -

The Artisan Kitchen

Working with Marcus & Artisan Food Club is a great way of connecting micro food business's like mine to fantastic specialty food stores. Since working with Marcus we have grown our presence with some fantastic retailers & love the way the food club works.

We like distributing directly to our customers & Marcus and his team are an extension of our sales team and are a joy to work with. The additional support Marcus provides is invaluable, through knowledge of food sales, distribution & foodie networking meetings - the Food Club offers a comprehensive & collaborative working relationship which is simple & works.

Kind regards Sarah Churchill -

The French Dressing Company

I have known Marcus for many years and have been with The Artisan Food Club since its beginnings. It's a brilliant idea to bring producer and retailer together and Marcus and his team are extremely supportive and enthusiastic of all their producers, and getting them to new markets. Marcus is passionate about championing small food producers and his advice and experience is invaluable. The Artisan Food Club deserves every success.

Yours Gill

Rossa Ice-Cream

I was introduced to Marcus and his team a year ago at a taster day at Frosts Garden Centre, I must say, I was really impressed with his enthusiasm and never give up attitude. His knowledge of the industry and desire to introduce the public to high end Artisan Foods is second to none.

Not only has he been keen to promote Rossa Ice Cream, his advice and guidance to us as a young family run business has been invaluable. This has been given willingly and is all part of the way of living for large family relationships which are close to Marcus's heart.

Rossa is in a far stronger position because of Marcus & his team and through him I have no doubt that the Artisan Food Club will grow and grow and eventually educate the world that independent family run businesses are far better than larger conglomerates who are trying to dictate the market at a disadvantage to British Farmers.

Also a mention to Cristina who works as hard & tirelessly as Marcus. Between the two of them, the world is their oyster!

As Marcus would say 'Happy Days' -

Smoke & Pickle

"Smoke & Pickle has been working with Marcus and the Artisan Food Club for over two years. He has been instrumental in enabling us to introduce our range of award winning products to a wider retailer audience, particularly in the London area. Our partnership with Marcus and the Food Club has proved to be invaluable and we look forward to working with him on the next stage of our development, which includes expanding our customer base and the introduction of new products to our range."

Yours Martin

Ragingbull Meats

Marcus has vouched for us almost since day one, he has helped our small food business grow and gain customers when we have been consumed with the day to day tasks. The Artisan Food Club has been a big help in connecting us to our customers and bringing in repeat orders from those customers, key to a successful business relationship. The passion and drive that Marcus has for helping small producers is exactly what makes The Artisan Food Club such a useful partner to have.

Cheers Laurence

Abernethy Butter Company

It has been great working with Marcus and the team from Artisan food club. He has been able to connect and grow our presence with lots of new retailers which would have taken me months to do. Marcus is passionate about championing small food producers and understands the way they work. It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made to join the Artisan Food club.

Allison Abernethy – Director

Konect Distribution

We have worked with the Artisan Food Club since it started in 2012. The central invoicing makes sense and the team are not only friendly but a real joy to work with. Hats off to Marcus & team.