How the Artisan Food Club and Central Invoicing works

The Artisan Food Club – Our Story

Thank you for your interest in the Food Club. I thought it might be helpful to type out a summary for you to reference when making your decision to join the Food Club.

If you're passionate about keeping things local, supporting small artisans and above all offering your customer a real point of difference then read on because this you will love.

Over the last few years here at the Artisan Food Club we have been building up an enviable collection of amazing artisan producers from across the UK and capturing them in one online brochure so that people just like you have greater choice without the pain of searching for each one at a time. With over 250 producers and close to 4000 products in the club, we're a really easy way for you to stay true to the principles of supporting small startup's, with the added benefit of taking the 'local' philosophy UK wide when you look away from your area with other shops locally sourced products. Let me explain what I mean:

Our Aim – UK wide and locally sourced food
The Food Club is to help you find and work with local producers from across the UK as easily as possible. We are not asking you to duplicate or replace a product from any supplier that you have already found close to you. What we are offering is an alternative solution before you opt for a medium or larger food company to fill the gap in your ranging by offering an array of options from a small producer in another area. This gives your shop a huge point of difference over other shops close to you because many club producers are only listed in less than 20 shops nationally.You want customers to come into your shop and say "this looks nice I have not see it before!".

Our Method – One invoice, order size driven by you and best sell by dates
With central invoice and introduction orders we make our drop shipping model very easy to use.

Central invoice = LESS PAPERWORK
Working with multiple small independent producers directly would bring lots of extra invoices, paperwork and payments to make each week/month. With central invoice we do it all for you with just one payment. You will also spend more time in the shop with your customers and your staff rather than at your computer in the office because you won't have hours of paperwork driven by multiple orders to wade through that are historically associated with working with many small startups.

Introduction orders = LESS RISK
We, like you, don't know what your customers will and will not like to buy so the first order with any Food Club producer is any size you feel comfortable with. This way you can see what sells before you make the second order. Ongoing you then know what works for you and as the orders come direct from the producers we work with their individual ordering practices ongoing.All the club price's mirror the producers cost price.

Drop shopping = LESS SHRINKAGE
We are a wholesaler who carries no stock. This has huge benefits to you the retailer. Stock is not sat in a warehouse with the use by date ticking away. Orders are direct from the producer giving you full access to their whole range as we list everything they make (not just the 50% of the range we think will sell). You can also get access to new product launches the day they get released as we don't need to order them into us first, they go direct to you.You also get the best dates on chilled food as there's no wasting time being delivered to a wholesaler first.95%+ of club orders are filled correctly as they come direct and producers who are seldom out of stock.

As well as retailers loving what we do, small start up artisan producers are benefiting hugely from the Food Club as we have no listing fee, no compulsory adverts to pay for and there is no charge for them to be listed in the brochure. Marcus offers business help as well.The Food Club and the producer only make money when you choose to buy stock and not a penny until then. A much fairer system for all of us we believe and one way for us to support the artisans in the UK in a way that is win-win-win.

It is over to you now. If you like the look of something in the brochure and it is not something you can source in your immediate area, we just ask you consider using a small start up in another local area first. The future of the industry requires us to support start ups where we can and just give their product (via an introduction order) a chance.If your customers love it, you and the small producer you've chosen can grow together and you will know you help them and the industry we all love survive.We can all use a break in the early days when we are setting up our independent companies

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Cheers and speak soon


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